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Our Company TSAHAKIS S.A. was established in 1974. Since then it has been a pioneer and innovative manufacturer of wooden frames and mouldings, with a stable production of 5000 meters on a daily basis. With our own distribution center, located in our warehouse in Agios Ioannis Rentis, Piraeus-Greece, we are able to effectively cover all the needs of the professional in the wooden frames market in Greece and in other countries. Needs concerning the QUALITY, the QUANTITY, the LOW PRICES and the FAST SERVICE.
Our Company follows the developments while staying loyal to the principles of Quality and Service. With our installation of 1500 sqm, our experienced personnel and our collection of over 400 codes in all kinds of wooden picture frames and mouldings (Stained Wood, Gold Foils, Classical Gold, Wooden Paspartue,etc) exclusively our own production and design, we are able to cope with the needs of our customers, offering new ideas, new products and steady quality.

Our company has always provided innovative ways in the production and design process of the wooden picture frames and mouldings, which is a sample of our capabilities. Our customers are the best advertisers for our products.
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